Wyntr’Gems Havanese is proud to be in partnership with the Elite Havanese team and Havanese Breeders Bev & Emily Dorma founders of MistyTrails Havanese 

Wyntr’Gems currently loves both male and female puppies but we only OWN female dogs for Show and future breeding.

All of the STUD dogs are from MistyTrails that we mate our Wyntr’Gems dams to have 

proven Conformation/Structure, Health, and Temperaments to a consistent level.


Sire:  National Grand CH MistyTrails H’dalgos Chido Wey

Call Name: Chido


Sire:  Champion MistyTrails n’Paradise Who’s Yo Daddy

Call Name: Luke


Sire: Champion No Imperfections Vice Versa

Call Name: Vinny