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UPDATE – Jewelz had 2 beautiful female puppies on December 21, 2021


We are expecting a BONUS litter this Holiday Season with our newest

Grand Champion JEWELZ

This special litter is due approx Dec 23, 2021

Please fill out a puppy application to join this special waitlist or contact

Yvette to find out more details

Meet my 8 yr old client Olivia & her new puppy Wyntr’Gems LA Kobe of MistyTrails  Havanese !

This is an absolutely PERFECT match!

Olivia has been waiting since last summer for her puppy to arrive.

9 weeks ago on March 6th she had her 8th birthday and here we are today May 8th, 2021!!

Olivia was able to witness Kobe’s birth on March 7th

as I shared videos with her and her parents as I was whelping the litter.

Momma Ruba went into labor on the day of her 8th birthday but Kobe was born the next day-  

I am so over the moon excited for Kobe and Olivia to share then next 10-15 years growing up together!!!

My heart is bursting with Joy!!

One of my HEART pups is named Midnight 

Beautiful pup with the best temperament


MistyTrails Magnanimous Maggie

This was her last litter

Maggie had 4 beautiful boys January 13, 2021


All puppies have been SOLD to clients on the waiting list







daughter of Pippa & Chido DOB July 31, 2020





This puppy has been well bred, is a very healthy girl who has been raised by me

I have Loved her from day one and not really looking for a home, but she deserves to be placed with the right one~ 

I am her breeder and I called her “Meka” which is short for Me ka ‘ika ‘ole which means, “without sight” in Hawaiian

She was born with a congenital defect and does not see as her eyes never developed in the womb, but she is totally okay with life because she has never known any different. I would like a home with another dog/puppy, as a second dog. I will consider a family and or a retired person. Looking for a home that is a rancher with little or no stairs  

She knows her name, she comes when called, her recall is great, she follows the sound of your footsteps and she follows your voice when speaking and or clapping.  ​

Meka is very unique and is proving that she was born for a purpose. 

I am in love, she is a beautiful soul, has a great temperament and is a gorgeous color.


MistyTrails Sapphire Sophie has successfully

delivered 6 healthy puppies.

August 16, 2020 – 3 boys and 3 girls



Congratulations to Bev & Art

who are the new “PAW Owners” of this adorable puppy!

❤ ❤