Most Havanese puppies eat approx. 1 cup of kibble a day.

Your puppy has been eating Royal Canin Puppy small breed, small bites kibble and we recommend they continue with this food.

You can either leave their food out or feed them 3x a day (1/3 cup each time). Take food and water away at 5-6 pm.

Some puppies do not eat well for the first few days, but do NOT coax them to eat with different types of food or food toppers. You can hand-feed kibble or try soaking it with some warm water. 

Newly-homed pups eat about 1/2 rations for the first few days as they adjust. If your puppy gets the runs, call your breeder ASAP.

When choosing a food, it should be 23-29% protein, not 30-40%.

Chicken Meal and rice are what we use, never prime cuts of meat and blueberry food.

Pups have only had chicken meal, but can slowly change to salmon meal or lamb meal as other options.