Wyntr’Gems is proud to work side by side with

MistyTrails and the Elite Havanese breeding team

The Wait list for a 2021 pup is now FULL

If you would still like to go on the wait list KNOWING it will be sometime

 please contact us via the puppy application.

Waiting for the right puppy can be the best decision

You have paid your deposit, NOW WHAT?

STEP 1 – You wait for us to contact you via email or phone to let you know it is your turn 😊  

If we have not contacted you within 4 months,   please contact us,  to see whom  we have bred since your deposit. Remember girls are pregnant for 2+ months,  and then  we raise the puppies  for 2+ months = min  4.5 month wait. Now that you have made your deposit with a member of the Elite Havanese (Bev or Yvette) you are officially on the waiting list for a puppy. Your wait time for a pup is minimum 6 months and or could be up to 24 months based on the current number of clients waiting along with you, and also based on your request.  More boys seem to always be born than girls.

Good news is we are actively breeding but the process takes time. We are breeding for quality not quantity.  We only raise at one time as many pups as we can care for in our Kitchen and Family rooms. If you placed your deposit with us in the last week you are not promised a pup that is currently posted on our website, or from a litter that has been bred before your deposit. 

We do encourage you to visit the site often and enjoy watching the all the puppies grow, as it will help you when it is your time. Please be aware there is a process in the assignment of puppies. First one is, you do not automatically get to choose your puppy. Often 1 of 2 or 3 are secured  for you. We pick which litters and suggest which pups you are to get based on your puppy application. Once you hear from us you will be instructed to visit the site and look at the pictures of pups and express Interest.  

STEP 2- Once you have been emailed it is YOUR TURN –

Please give us your top 3 choices in order and then your name will be temporarily listed on that pup as interested.  If more then one person shows interest in the same puppy, we will reference back to our waiting list and go in order of deposits received when it is time to secure the puppies. You will most likely not know which pup is yours until between the 4-7 weeks. Pick of the litter puppy is a Factor Only in Some litters.  If litter has a designated Pick,  ‘first pick puppy’  we often must wait for Teeth to come in to make a decision. ***SOMETIMES you are Offered a pup sooner, and IF that pup turns out to not be the pup you want for any reason, You just wait for a new litter.  In the end, we work very closely with you to make sure you take home a match for you, in both  colour, sex and personality.

When a pup is reserved for you, a payment will be due and 
that marks the pup secured and then only YOU can change your mind.
During COVID-19 we will not be opening our homes for regular visits, but we are happy to share videos
and lots of pictures. Once the weather is nicer,
we are available for outdoor puppy visits, but pups must be old enough to play outside.
ALL personal puppy visits by appointment only.