Wyntr’Gems n’MistyTrails b’Henry

Sire: MistyTrails n’Paradise Who’s Yo Daddy “Luke” / Dam: MistyTrails Ruba’s Red Dress “Ruba”

Date of Birth: May 13, 2020

Want to see what else Henry is doing daily with his family?….

You can follow him on Instagram @henry.the.havi


Henry is living his BEST life on the

West Coast of Vancouver Island BC 


 July 12, 2020 was “GOTCHA DAY” for Henry!!

The Wyntr’Gems Team will miss this boy very much 

and we wish him much love and success with his new family~


Henry had a visit from his family on Canada Day ~

The bond this family has with him already is incredible!!


Pure innocence when meeting

your new puppy for the first time!!  


Introducing “Wynt’Gems n’MistyTrails b’HENRY! “ 

Call name HENRY


These girls are bursting with EXCITEMENT and are

looking forward to their NEW PUPPY!!! 

His name Henry has been inspired by Dr. Bonnie Henry.

This is a RUBA pup and was born during the

 pandemic/COVID -19 of 2020 

❤ ❤