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  1. Yvette McKay MacPhail of Wyntr’Gems Havanese, you are a gem yourself! Our beautiful boy Bruno stayed at your house for a weeks and that was a gift to him and to our family! You are caring, loving and such a good resource for new dog owners. Any one who wants the BEST family or companion dog, a Havanese is the way to go! Congratulations on your fabulous website! Jan Ference

  2. Just to let you know I have been taken in by a new family. They are Pat and Al Crawford. They seem very nice. Had to leave my Mother, brothers, and sisters, but the Crawfords supply quite comfortable accommodations and good food. I am gaining weight. As of yesterday, I am proud to say I weighed almost 2 kg.

    It’s a great place to live. They get on all fours and play with me whenever I am awake which is a lot of fun. But Dad complains something about his knees. I have already started their training. I demand to be let outside to do my potty since they object to me doing so in their (now our) home. I asked them to position a bell by the door which I ring when I want to go outside.

    I have them trained to open the door for me when I ring it. But some times they say “Good Boy” and other times they do not. Then they don’t seem happy and use words like “incessantly” or “every “5 minutes”. But I do love to go out there and just play.

    They neighbors are very friendly and when I am outside they stop to talk to me and call me by name. They think I am cute! Unfortunately one of the Crawfords are always there beside me and won’t let me go for a walk with the neighbors.

    When I try to climb the fence they promise that after I see the doctor again I may be allowed to go for a short walk with them.

    I have learned to speak although I do it rarely. None of my relatives that I see being walked by stop to say “Hi”. So I tell them what I think of that. I had a horrible time getting an email account. As soon as I keyed in my birth date, they insisted that my account be
    supervised by my Dad. You know – parental controls and all that. They asked question after question for security purposes. (but since I am not quite 3 months old I guess that is understandable) I am also guessing that I am probably among the youngest to have a gmail account.

    Not sure how I should sign this though. My legal name is José Coolio, but I prefer Joe Cool. My new family have shortened it to just plain Joe. I guess that’s OK. But they do call me other names too. Usually while I am sharpening my teeth on some of their furniture.They have a truck load of things for me to chew on but there are times that I just prefer the furniture.

    Here’s wagging my tail for you,
    Joe Crawford

  3. Meeting Yvette of Wyntr’Gems Havanese has been an absolute pleasure!!

    We were encouraged to have a look at the Havanese breed after loosing our little 10yr poodle. So, as luck would have it, I found out that Yvette was not to far from my home and I was able to go and see the new pups! Yvette was so welcoming, and her dogs were so friendly! It didn’t take long for us to fall in love with the Havanese and decided to get one as soon as one was available. On March 6th we became the proud parents of Misty Blu😀 Misty is a beautiful perfect little Black and white Havanese pup. I have to say that Yvette has been extremely helpful. Any time I have a question she is there to answer, if she didn’t have the answer she would fine it.

    Being able to go visit Misty before we were able to bring her home was very beneficial to both us and to Misty. When we brought Misty home there were no issues. She just acted like she has always Lived here!! When your buying a pup there is nothing better than being able to go and visit the place the dogs are being raised. The dogs in Yvette’s care are very lucky! They are very well cared for and deeply loved, and it shows in the puppies😀

    If you are looking to acquire a Havanese pup I highly recommend you get one from Wyntr’Gems Havanese, Yvette McKay MacPhail! You will not be disappointed 👍👍👍

  4. We recently purchased a puppy from Yvette and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the entire experience. Yvette and Bev go above and beyond as breeders not only in terms of ensuring that their pure-bred Havanese dogs are carefully-selected and responsibly bred but also in raising their puppies in kind, wonderful homes.

    Yvette loves every single puppy as though it were her own. She provides a beautiful place for them to grow; they were always in a clean, safe place with soft blankets or in her fabulous outdoor play area once they were old enough to visit the outside. The mother dogs are a part of her family and are happy, well-loved pets that are clearly the light of her life. In fact, we raved about Yvette and her gorgeous dogs so much that our in-laws recently put their name on her waiting list for a Wyntr’Gems/MistyTrails Havanese of their own.

    Our puppy, Henry, enjoyed Yvette’s affectionate ways right from birth. She called him by his name immediately after we chose one and, as a result, he came home to us really familiar with his name already (which we know will be a big boost to training him).

    Yvette was so attentive to our family while we waited for Henry to come home. She sent regular photos and personalized videos and posted to her social media so we could watch him grow. She was always just a quick text message way with any questions we had and is very knowledgeable in puppy care. We purchased Henry during the Covid-19 pandemic, but Yvette went out of her way to make arrangements for us to be able to visit him in a socially-distanced and safe way.

    Henry came home to us as a happy, roly-poly ball of love. Yvette had taken the time to train him to potty on the grass and so housetraining has been an absolute breeze – no accidents in the house at all and he “goes” immediately each time he is put on the grass. After just two days at home, he started asking at the door to go out. Incredible!

    He happily crawls into his crate at 9 pm to go to sleep and doesn’t make a sound. In terms of being a well-adjusted “easy” puppy – he is textbook.

    Henry is clearly a “people dog” – he’s drawn to everyone and is incredibly friendly and affectionate and seeks out their attention. We know this is because of all of the personal time Yvette and Bev put in to ensure that their pups are socialized and know to trust humans as a source of happiness and comfort. You really couldn’t ask for a more loveable pup.

    We can already tell that Henry will be an absolute joy and we know there will likely be another Wyntr’Gems/MistryTrails Havanese in our future! I can’t see how you could have just one 😉 We truly can’t say enough good things about Yvette and her kind, attentive and professional approach to breeding beautiful companion dogs.

  5. Thank you for your kind words! I truly love what I do and watching the pups grow and develop then being adopted by amazing people like yourselves makes the sleepless nights all worth it! Raising pups is not easy but it is a labor of love that I wouldn’t trade for anything else~

  6. We were introduced to Yvette McKay-MacPhail by Bev Dorma of Misty Trails Havanese when we signed up to get our second Havanese puppy. There is no doubt that Yvette loves breeding and raising puppies; she speaks very highly of all her dogs and puppies and loves every single one as if it were her own. We picked our puppy from the many pictures and videos that Yvette sent to us, and then made the trip from the mainland to Nanaimo for a visit. It was a beautiful summer day during the COVID-19 Pandemic and Yvette welcomed us to her back yard providing seating under the shade of an umbrella and ice cold lemonade. The puppies were outdoors in a safe, covered play area with toys, tunnels and beds for napping. We were thrilled to meet all of the family’s dogs, including the mother dog, to hold our new puppy and watch him play with his littermates. Yvette offered tips and suggestions about feeding, grooming and training; we felt like we were chatting with a friend. On “Gotcha Day”, July 29th, at Yvette’s suggestion, she delivered our puppy to Sea Air in Namaimo for a 15 minute plane ride to Vancouver Harbour where we watched the Seaplane land and the pilot carry Reggie in his crate right to us. The entire puppy purchasing experience was seamless, and we highly recommend the team of Yvette and Bev at Wyntr’Gems/Misty Trails Havanese to anyone who is looking to purchase one of this adorable breed.

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