GROOMING TIPS for your beloved Havanese

It is advised to comb out your dog before their bath to remove any excess shedding hair caught in the coat
Small dogs can be bathed in your laundry tub, kitchen sink or your utility tub
Shampoo the entire dog. Be careful not to get soap in your dog’s eyes- you can use a puppy shampoo for face
RINSE the soap off, and RINSE again!! Make sure ALL soap is rinsed. RINSING is vital, especially behind the ears and eyes.
Let water run in the eyes, clean the eyes, and face good, with each bath. 
Drying your dog: towels are fine. Sponge cloths  greatly reduce the drying time of your dog, and pull most of the water from the coat
Use a blow dryer and a pin brush
Shampoo and conditioner recommended: Isle of Dogs Tearless Puppy Shampoo, Chris Christianson Spectrum Ten Shampoo & Conditioner or
Whal, (all sold on Amazon) OR any other good quality, even from the vet. 


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